Through Switzerland - any suggestions?

Hi all,

This summer we will be crossing the Alps, from Holland, via Germany, through Switzerland, Austria and back to Holland on the French side.

Any suggestions on must-see places in Switzerland? Nice roads, spectacular views, cities, campsites?
What is not to be missed in your country?

We will be traveling in our Marinogelb 79 T2 Westy. So look out for us :wink:

(Feel free to answer in German, I understand that very well)


hi eric

wie lange habt ihr für die schweiz geplant?

etwa 6, 7 Tage :blush:

wir waren letzten sommer ein paar tage in den schweizer bergen unterwegs: … 656&t=2030
(untere hälfte, da hats nen bericht mit links zu bildern)




If you like mountains, and if your Westy is well maintained, you should cruise some mountain passes. Pass the top and not the tunnels. Link:

have a good time


I’m working hard to get it in shape, but by the time we set off, it will be. I’m sure :wink:

Going to check out your link.