1st European VW Camper Meeting in Italy, 30.04.2010

Kleine Info zum weitergeben - vielleicht hat ja jemand Lust und Zeit für einen Trip an den Gardasee:

Hello VW Motorhomes friends!

Today we are proud of introducing the 1st European VW Camper Meeting in Italy!
VW Camper Club Italia is organizing this big Event at Garda Lake on April 30th - May the 1st and 2nd 2010. There is not entry fee but the only cost is your stay at the EUROCAMPING in Pacengo di Lazise - VR.
We obtai…n a special prize for our guests!
17,00 € per night all included ( motorhome and passengers)
More, you can stay 2 nights from Friday paying 34 € and Sunday you can leave the Camping when you prefer at no extra charge…

You have to book your presence to obtain this special rate so, please, visit our web site and click on the Meeting banner on the Wecome page. You can chose Italian or english language to resd news and information. Fill the Advance Registration Form and stay in touch on the web site to read news about meeting in the next days…

Hope to meet you then!

By the way, all Motorhomes based on Transporters from T1 to T5, Lts 1st and 2nd generation, Crafter …See More


Hello Bus friends,

only few days and we meet at Garda Lake for our 1st European VW Camper Meeting… What aboutSwitzerlands? You are not so far from Garda Lake… It’s a unique chance to find all kind of camper on VW chassis… We have guests from Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenja… The most are from all angle of Italy of course… Feel free to visit our web site for last news. We have only 100 places at camping and we are going to fill them, I guess…
Don’t wait more, come and enjoy our Event!
From T1 to T5, from LT to Crafter, all together!

Hope to meet you

VW Camper Club Italia

Free admission
Pay only your stay at Eurocamping Pacengo