VW T3 1.6D CS year 1982 ONLY 57 km

Hi, my name is Matic and I’m from Slovenia.

I am the owner of VW T3 1.6 D CS, year of manufacture 11.1.1982.

The peculiarity of this van is that it has only 57 km, which is the distance from the store to the garage, where it has been standing for the last 40 years.

The van was bought by my grandfather, he bought it during the great recession in Yugoslavia, when it was all worth more than money. He bought 3 VW vans and 2 Mercedes vans. Only this one is still in my garage. Now is the time to find a new owner and hope that someone from this forum will be able to help me find a buyer.

For more information you can write to me by mail: matic aljancic@hotmail.com or mobile phone: +38640803066. I speak english.

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Mail: maticaljancic@hotmail.com